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The Lifecide Feast - text

People, the useless thing of the earth
We are the perfect pawns since our birth
The clever orders and the others are the tools
But misanthropy is my constant mood

I want to die, reflecting my lifecide
I need to fall, we live a lie
We pray for world's suicide

Happiness the perfect feeling at the end
Lifecide emotions only take and learn
Follow your death and you'll save your sleep
Thank your god who gave you the slip

Don't ask why you are deceiving by your mind
Mind control will save you

Eternal tricks that fear us all
Numb and weak turn us as none
Powerless we are as he had created
Strong less we keep as we decimated
Lifecide I'll vote for the next elections
Hopeful and clear without suspension
Lifecide I see you're full of joy
Lifecide feast in the abyss of the void

Reach for the sky, evolving my lifecide
Now I will fall, I faced the truth
There's no one to save me soon

A few words now may not be heard
Misanthropy endeavor controls my head
I'm always fighting you because you're different of me
Are we lost in our hypocrisy

Don't ask why you are deceiving by your mind
Mind control will save you
Everything we do is including by a clue
But mind control will save you

Text přidal roman59

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