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Credo of The Herectis - text

Show me your signs and I'll try to believe
Come and burn my thoughts and I'll try to forgive
Find the reason why are you deceiving by the lord
Think, He's like you even if you're looking like a whore

Letting people die but you're praying to the credo,
Useless credo
Laugh at people's starve but there's plenty of your money
Lifeless body
You cannot react and you're still trying to hide
Ever blind
You are captured by to gain the more
Precious whore

The common dinners held by deadly heretics

People are eating mire but you're drinking malt
Such a fault
It's time to rot in hell as you had created it
Time has not faded
You'll beg for mercy as others do
Through to you
All the words you've said listened by the deaf
Rot in hell
The common dinners held by deadly heretics
People are praying to you but there's no responding

Text přidal roman59

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