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Rays shine down on me...
Let your graceful hands
Heal these broken bones
With thy voice, heavenly.

Before me is a mirror door
Into a crystal paradise.
Death of the sin I bore
So the man can met is demise.

I take a step
And a last deep breath
To cross my damnation
Into an everlast redemption.

Thou hast called me unto your arms
Phoenix & dragon
A pearl of heavens.
Let your dying hands
Crumble what is left inside

Shining but still not complete.
I shed the skin of defeat:
Avow with my eyes closed
& lips of silver close to me.

Sever the blindfold
Oh worshipfull master
In this temple of Solomon
I vow silence
And commited obedience
to the True Will.

Still the world is black
Still night comes back
On the other side of the gateway
Where spirit gives way to clay.

Text přidala Karin1831

Video přidal DevilDan

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