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This love and this hatred keeps growing and growing,
one day it all will explode
Lock your doors,
and pray you stay safe.
Terrible things have occurred in this place.
You disguise yourself with broken smiles
And tell convincing lies, all the while
You brought this upon yourself.
This is the art of execution
Abandon me and now you have no one.
How does it feel to be alone?
Wrapped in a jacket in, a padded home.
This will forever live on your chest.
And I pray to god;
You will see, and you will know
Liars can never be lovers
You stupid fool you fell for the truth
You fell for the truth
It seems you're too blind to notice,
I tried to make things right, I tried to make things right.
I can't take this any longer.
What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.

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