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The Blooming Of An End - text


Beginings flourish in waves of wind and rain
Cold sinking further, tense, inside the silent echoes
swirling in unpredictable shades
Try disguising my deepest songs while so soft a reflection
in your eye
I'm pushing forward but to what awaits the end?
And what has brought the start?
Fear conquers my ambition
Softly sigh
The rain has slowed to a gentle mist
and the stillness of night stops time
For tomorrow's dawning - forever away in my sight
Here it comes, at the same time
I realize uncertainty without regret
Catching shame in palms outstretched.
Feel it burn - I can't let go. No.
I've lost control
And the sky is streaming invisible tears to hide behind
It's time has come to express the blooming of an end
And while it does not want to go
It cannot remain

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