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Walking Straight Across Bad Omens - text


Now it's time to set things clearly
We need to stop talking in tongues
Yet I won't speak without reliefs
Untill you believe me
There is no more second thoughts
Let's say what's left unsaid

I was running far away from here
Searching for myself hiding in debris
I take this life for granted
And he'll never take it back to me

Yet I'm finding comfort with the ones I love
I'm searching solace for the parts I've lost

I'm gonna get back these pieces of me
The pieces of me

My past is not that far behind
My future is now way too close

We can't take it back
Not a second will be given twice
Too precious to let them leave

This is a promise
A promise

I've been praying for days and days
Hoping for myself seeing hours left
I took this life for granted
And I'll never let it ever leave

And I'm finding comfort with the ones I love
I'm searching solace for the most part of it

For the hands I hold for a lifetime
For the smiles I share through the lies
For the ones I love that hard
For my child they will smile
They will smile

This is what I'm struggling for
This is why I'm back in here now

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