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Through Horizons - text


Right now it's a face to face with ourselves, with no rest
I truelly hope we can help you to pass through this

Cause when there will be nothing more than will
To cross these dried up seas

We might understand
That this inner conflict is all we've got left
Heart is like a candle and when it's melt
The wax's just flooding everything
Taking it all away

It only covered the sound of the voice of unity
It only mask the cries of our hopes in sincerity
It covered the sound of unity
Masking the trust we've stuck in sincerity

This is a call to Fire so ignite the world
Cause when there will be nothing more than dust
To build our shelter, would you keep trusting in their words?
Would you trust in their fucking words?

Forget about what they're telling
No, we can't be divided

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A Call To Sincerity texty

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