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Work - text

Yeah, straight off the plane
Drop in the flame

A lot of niggas die, due to these streets
A lot of mamas cry, due to this beef
Purple kush got me high, don't wanna leave
See my daddy in heaven, he be the realest G
And your bitch I got her, she like my Tommy boxers
Nigga I ain't no boxer, I let that Tommy box 'em
Make 'Em Say Ugh, Silkk The Shocker
Very rare Vesace, I bet my silk will shock her

[Hook x2]
Put in work, put 'em in the dirt
Semi gon' squirt, damn he got murked
Who got that work? He got that work
She pop that pussy, she make it twerk
A couple model bitches, thought I balled for the Lakers
All they know is suck and fuck and speak a different language
She like that cocaina, she sniff it off my banger
She like to blow my nine, I think she's going brainless

All my Dominican niggas, got me speaking Spanglish
Now that I'm rapping, I'm fucking different singers
Celine Dion, Mariah Carey
I got them Nick Cannons, if you coming at me
Couple of them skinny niggas, that be trigger happy
Feel them candy girls, make them do the Laffy Taffy
They pop a pill, then they pop a bullet
Man, fucking with this nigga like playing Russian Roulette
I ain't wanna pull it, but I had to do it
I be out tomorrow, my lawyer's Jewish
He work hard, he put in work
He put in work, got these niggas going bezerk
Riding music, I see you riding to it
Bang 'em over the head, nigga that for talking foolish
Nigga, work hard, put in work
Put in work, got these niggas going berserk

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