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So Greedy - text


It can happen anywhere, anyhow or anytime
That little bit of something extra that grabs your eye
Blood starts pumping so fast you miss a heartbeat
And you know you've got to get it, cos it's right up your street
Friends start to get at you for being so possessive
But you don't care less as long as you get it

So greedy, so greedy

One sip's not enough
You're never satisfied 'till you've drunk the bottle
The car that pleases you is the one with full throttle
Never have no regrets or sorrow
You want to join the religion that worships money
A world without that for you, hey that's not funny

So greedy, so greedy

C'com take a bit of the bait
You can't afford to hesitate
Got to have a good eye for hot tips
One little mistake burns a hole in your pocket
Always looking for your big break
Until that day comes, its a long long wait

So greedy, so greedy

So greedy

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