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Proposal - text


Ain't nobody, I'd rather have than you
Ain't no pussy, I'd rather fuck than yours
Took my time
Now I want whats mine
So bring it to me, like it should be (like it should)

Now let me take your hand
Let's get married
Yeah I got that ring
Ain't no fairy
Yeah, ain't no fairy-
Yeah, no fairy tale

Now let me take your hand
Let me be your man
Let's get married (married)

Life without you is like death times two
Baby it's..... what it seems now or maybe I'm just acting crazy
I can see it in your eyes
I know that you're surprised about the way you have me feeling

Ooh girl you got everything
I'd like to see ya, in a bit
So baby if its real (ye)
You know what the deal is
Let me lock it down love, 'fore somebody else does

No feeling can
No feeling can
Let me take your hand
Let me be your man
Let's get married (married)

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Video přidala niko_lll_

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