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Get Off The Phone - text


Your living for the future
But it means nothing to you
And now I'm looking through you
I see there's nothing to you
Talk until you're tired
You're on your own and wired
But I don't want to listen
'cos there's nothing that I'm missing

Get off the phone leave me alone
Get off the phone leave me alone
Get off the phone, get off the phone
Get off the phone

You're big bad and lazy
Your questions drive me crazy
And I don't want your scheming
Your crying and you're screaming
If I mean so much to you
How come you do this to me
If some thing so inspire
Is soon to be expired

The world is on a hotline
Got communication on time
Does it really matter
If I don't listen to your patter
You're plugged into my brain now
It's driving me insane now
So won't you give me some release
Leave me alone in peace

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999 texty

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