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We Are NASA and we know it Parody of I'm sexy.. - karaoke text

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When I EDLTime for seven minutes of flamin' hellRover's touchin' down Every pass peanuts a roundWe at Mission controlGettin' full use out of every solJust 25 feet left to goIt's Curiosity.look out below Crane lower that rover(3x)N-N-Now bug now!crane lower that rover(3x)N-N-Now bug now!Kickin' at my consoleThis is what I seeData streaming backFrom CuriosityI got stars on my 'havkAnd I ain't afraid to show itWe're NASA and we know it(2x)When I look For iceGotta calibrate,gotta be preeiseAnd when I raise the mast.Panoranic views are unsurpassedThis is How I rove.Bakin' red rocks in my nuclear stoveWE headed to the peak witch my leaser eyeNo one bury me When it's time to die...Crane lower that rover(3x)N-N-Now bug out!crane lower that rover(3x)N-N-Now bug out!Shout out to Carl the sage.And Neil deGrasse TShout our to JPL and the rocker-bogie.We're better than Space We're better than Space XAnd we aint afraid to show it we're NASA and we know it(3x)

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