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4.33 AM (Running shoes) - karaoke text

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So I stood by the roadside The soles of my running shoes gripping the tarmac Like gunmetal magnets Fixed on the front of her Fassbinder face Was the kind of a smile That only a rather dull child could have drawn While attempting a graveyard in the moonlight But she was impressed You could see that she thought I looked fine And when she turned sweeter The reason between you and me was She'd just seen my green Lamborghini I think it was the Lamborghini So we went for a spin in the country To feel the wind in our hair To feel the power of my engine To feel the thrill of desire Oh babe where you’ve been You bring back the feel The flavour of depth teenage skin And holy afternoons by the river spent crushing the flowers I say one day roll over I wanna go back then again Oh baby Sweet Fassbinder baby Oh let me in And then in the trees I heard a twig snap Warning lights flashed on my map I opened my eyes and to my surprise

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