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Something Special - karaoke text

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Oh No No Ooooohhhh... Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ::talking:: This one´s for the lovers ::talking:: Follow me Clearly, this is new for me Get excited when you´re here, my dear Make no mistake you are all I see, sugar My vision´s never been so clear We both know I been runnin so long This time I won´t let me leave Please be patient Hesitation aside We´re almost where we need to be But in the meantime, let me say what´s on my mind Baby, I.... I think we´ve got somethin´ special Girl, you and me Together, we´ll take over the world You know I love ya I need you so So happy I just wanna let everybody know Think back to the time When I was scared to let it show Havin´ too much fun with this and that one Now that you´re mine (huh yeah..) Somewhere along the way, everything fell in place

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