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I got my first real six-stringBought it at the five-and-dimePlayed it till my fingers bledIt was the summer of '69Me and some guys from schoolHad a band and we tried real hardJimmy quit and Jody got marriedI should've known we'd never get farOh, when I look back nowThat summer seemed to last foreverAnd if I had the choiceYeah, I'd always wanna be thereThose were the best days of my lifeAin't no use in complainingWhen you got a job to doSpent my evening down at the drive-inAnd that's when I met youStandin' on your mama's porchYou told me that you'd wait foreverOh, and when you held my handI knew that it was now or neverThose were the best days of my lifeOhh yeahBack in the summer of '69AhhhBack in the summer of '69Ohh yeahMe and my baby in '69OhhMan we were killing timeWe were young and restlessWe needed to unwindI guess nothing can last forever - forever, noYeah Vice na

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