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This Must Be The Place - karaoke text

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Home is where I want to bePick me up and turn me aroundI feel numb, born with a weak heartI Guess I must be having funThe less we say about it the betterMake it up as we go alongFeet on the ground, head in the skyIt's okay, I know nothing's wrong, nothingI got plenty of timeYou got light in your eyesAnd you're standing here beside meI love the passing of timeNever for money, always for loveCover up and say goodnight, say goodnightHome, is where I want to beBut I guess I'm already thereI come home, she lifted up her wingsI guess that this must be the placeI can't tell one from the otherDid I found you, or you find me?There was a time before we were bornIf someone asks, this is where I'll be, where I'll beWe drift in and outSing into my mouthOut of all those kinds of peopleYou got a face with a viewI'm just an animal looking for a homeAnd share the same space for a minute or twoAnd you love me till my heart stopsLove me till I'm deadEyes that light upEyes look through youCover up the blank spotsHit me on the head

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