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PS I love you - karaoke text

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U této písně chybí videoklip, takže karaoke nejde spustit. You, you're beautifulOn your pedestalI see you, you don't see meAm I just too youngOr just too dumbOr maybe just too grungy!And I'm wearin' my flannel and thinkin' of youI lace up my boots and I'm thinkin' of you.I write letters and letters, they never get answered by you-ou!I'm moosing down donuts and thinking of youI watch That movie's so true but all I can do is sayP.S. I love you.The law can't stop my loveI'll fit you like a gloveRestraining orders don't scare meThe lawyers at the record companyMade me promise to sayThat the views expressed in this song do not necessarily reflect the views of Dominant Records or any of its subsidiariesI'm totally a slacker and I don't even careWith my curling 'zines and my faraway stareBut deep down inside, yeah, deep down inside I'm dyingI'm trapped in a cage of the tears I cryI'm praying to God, but she doesn't replyEven the robot says—(Robot voice) Move onI'M TRYING!!!P.S. I love you.Why can't you see me?We could be so happy togetherCapitalismI love to watch you sleepYou look so peaceful when you sleepI'll never move on, it'll always be you!Every guy that I'm with, I'll be thinking of youEven if I get married, he'll always be second to youHe'll always be second to youI'll always be waiting for you!P.S. I love you

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