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Memory, turn your face to the moonlightLet your memory lead youOpen up, enter inIf you find there the meaning of what happiness isThen a new life will beginMemory, all alone in the moonlightI can smile at the old daysI was beautiful thenI remember the time I knew what happiness wasLet the memory live againBurnt out ends of smokey daysThe stale cold smell of morningThe streetlamp dies, another night is overAnother day is dawningDaylight, I must wait for the sunriseI must think of a new lifeAnd I musn't give inWhen the dawn comesTonight will be a memory tooAnd a new day will beginSunlight through the trees in summerEndless masqueradingLike a flower as the dawn is breakingThe memory is fadingTouch meIt's so easy to leave meAll alone with the memoryOf my days in the sunIf you touch meYou'll understand what happiness isLookA new day has begun

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