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Anywhere But Here - karaoke text

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When I'm in a crowdOr on an island by myselfSilent or too loudWishing I was somewhere elseAnd I can't believeYou hit me fast and hardWhen you turn to me and sayNever change the way you are Trying to catch your eyeThings will never look the sameNow I can't denyYou're the moth and I'm the flameThere I go againI should walk before I runHow can I explainI can't stop what you've begun (Chorus:)I'm falling through the doorFlying 'cross the floorWhen you look at me suddenly it's clear You're burning up my dreamsCrazy as it seemsI don't wanna be anywhere but hereAnywhere but here What goes on insideIs a mystery no doubtA roller coaster rideI may never work it outHere's the brand new meSkates around and floats on airI'm a sight to seeRainbow colors in my hairYou have set me freeThe one who gets me there (Chorus) Here is the place whereMy head is spinningTime is beginningTo race awayYou come to throw meKnock me off my feetYou give me wings to flyThe world goes crashing by again (Chorus 2x) Vice na

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