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Happy Working Song - karaoke text

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Come my little friendsAs we all sing a happy little working songMerry little voices clear and strongCome and roll your sleeves upSo that we can pitch inCleaning crud up in the kitchenAs we sing alongAnd you'll trill a cheery tune in the tubAs we scrub a stubborn mildew stainLug a hairball from the shower drainTo the gay refrainOf a happy working songWe'll keep singing without failOtherwise we'd spoil itHosing down the garbage pailAnd scrubbing up the toiletOoh!How we all enjoy letting loose with a littleLa-da-da-dum-dumWhile we're emptying the vacu-um upIt's such fun to humA happy working songOo-oohA happy working songOh, how strange a place to beTill Edward comes for meMy heart is sighingStill, as long as I am hereI guess a new experienceCould be worth tryingHey! Keep drying!You could do a lot when you gotSuch a happy little tune to humWhile you're sponging up the soapy scumWe adore each filthy choreThat we determineSo friends even though you're verminWe're a happy working songSinging as we fetch the detergent boxOr the smelly shirts and the stinky socksSing alongIf you can not sing then hum alongAs we're finishing our happy working song!Ah...wasn't this fun?

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