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Molly Mollyis a girl,like no other in this world.She's so cute,ew, ew, ew,there's one thing,that there are so few, ewgirls like you. It's true ew,she's hot but a prude.She's fi-ine,she's almost divine,she's mine oh, o!She wont go to partys,if there's alcoholand the smell of smoke,it makes her choke.And for sure , she'll never smoke a doobie,cus she doesn't do drugs,yeh.You carn't touch her booty,yeh, trust me i've tried.She's fi-ine,and she's mine,oh, o!She's fine oh, o,she's mine, mine,wohh, oh, o.She's fine, fine,wohh, oh, o!Wont you come to my place and we'll have a good time.Don't you worry, cus your stand is where we compromise.Carn't you see that, what i need, is a girl like you,the only problem is that there are just so few, ewgirls like you.It's true ew,she's hot, but a prudeand won't you have a glassno ,she's molly my manand wont get no actionjust a slap in the face.It's true ,she's hot, but a prude,she's mine!

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