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Chad:How did we get from the top of the Worldto the bottom of the heap? Taylor:I don’t recall you mentioningthe boss is such a creep Zeke:We still have the ingredients tomake this summer sweet Martha:Well, i got rags instead of riches Jason:And all these dirty dishes All:Just wish i had three wishes Gabriella:(Okay guys, break it up) Troy:We’ve got to work, workto work this outIf we work, workthe sun will shinethere’ll be no doubtWe can still save the summerIf we work this out! Chad:(Dude, what have you gotten us into?) Troy:(Come on, we can totallyturn this thing around) Chad:I’d rather face a seven footerstraight up in the post Taylor:That sure beats hangin’ here Taylor & Martha:And burning someone’s toast. Jason:I needed Benjamins, butthis ain’t worth the stress Kelsi:Maybe there’s a better wayto fix this greasy mess Troy:We’re a champion team,a well-oiled machine,and we’ve faced tougherproblems than this.I know it’s a grind, butI’m sure we can finda way to have fun whilewe get this job done.We’ve got to work, workto work this out Troy and Gabriella:We’ll make things rightthe sun will shineHave to work, workthere’ll be no doubtIf we all come togetherZeke, Kelsi, Troy & Gabriella:We can work this out!! Troy:(Let’s work it!)Tell me what you want Gabriella:Tell me what you need Zeke:A little bit of sugar Martha:A little bit of butter Kelsi:It’s the perfect recipe! All:Pay day! Jason:It’ll taste so sweet All:Pay Day! Zeke:Good enough to eat Jason:Gonna make some motion pictures Martha:Hit the mall with all my sisters Zeke:Get tickets to the Knicks and Sixers Kelsi:Kick it with the music mixers Chad:Buy a ride that suits my style Taylor:Lounge around the pool and while Troy:Make a date with my favorite girl Troy & Gabriella:We’ve got it made! All:We’ve got to work, workto work this outWe’ll make things right,the sun will shineIf we work, workthere’ll be no doubtWe can still save the summerIf we work this out!Work This!Gotta Work This!We can work this out! Vice na

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