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Final fuck song - karaoke text

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I´m fucking Matt DamonYou´re fucking Matt Damon?Well,I´m fucking Hannah MontanaShe´s fucking Hannah MontanaBackstage at my concertFucks me on my parent´s bedAfter school,at my lockerIn the carI give her headI´m also fucking the FlavaYeah,boyShe´s fucking Flava-flav,foolYou know what time it isBecause I´m fucking Juney tooYeah,I know,but it´s trueFlava-flav,he fucks me tooAnd I swap with CalvinAnd he swaps with that dudeAnd we´re all fucking HellboyYeah,they´re fucking HellboyAnd I´m fucking the HulkWhen I get really madI start fucking Iron ManA most uncomfortable screwBut I fuck the princess tooDing-dongWho´s that ringing on my bell?The bitch who´s fucking Iron ManThat´s I-R-O-N M-A-NAnd I fuck him in the mouthThat´s fucking greatBecause I´m fucking WolfAuuuuuuuhHe´s fucking WolfAin´t that a pitty?Because I´m fucking bitchesFrom Sex and the CityAuuuuuuuhHe fucks Sex and the City galsSo I wonderd:Would Wolf really get jealousif he knew we where fuckingthat guy with the big utility belt?They´re all fucking BatmanAt Wayne Manor,in the BatcaveButler Alfred is our love slaveRiddle me thisHoly bathhouseI´m fucking Amy Winehouse?He´s fucking Amy WinehouseYeah on the down-low,low,lowAnd I´m fucking Jessica SimpsonCause I´m on blow,blow,blowShe´s fucking Jessica SimponOh yeaahAnd I think I might have fuckedThat hot assassinEveryone´s fucked meAnd I´ve fucked them back,you seeAnd the Mexican tooWith the tragic hairdoCall it,heads, I´m fucking J.T.I´m fucking that male modelCause he´s so fineAnd I like to get upIn the Calvin KleinsIt´s true,J.T. fucked my ass againBut I´m also fucking Prince CaspianI am handsome and I am coolThat´s why this princeFucks the kids from high schoolCome onLet´s hear itNow´s the time to partyLet me hear youYou know what time it is?Yeah...,no what time is it?It´s time to get fuckedFuck meNo,fuck meFuck me..He fucks all us kids in high schoolUnder the bleachers,in the showersWhile we´re changing for gym classI´m fucking OprahI´m fucking ObamaI´m fucking Indiana´s assShe´s fucking IndianaAnd I´m fucking HancockHe´s fucking HancockAnd I´m fucking BeowulfYou know,you like itAnd I´m fucking Kung fu PandaAnd I´m fucking Michael JacksonDon´t judge meI love my animals,you seeOh yeah,he´s fuking the ChipmunksSad to say,but it´s trueHe fucks the Chipmunks,yeah!

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