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I have been held in this orphanage for longer than my years.I am made to eat this horrid porridge.They box me on the ears.How often I vow to flee, to go.But this is the only home I know.My stammered speech, my one suitcase,My Orphanage, My hateful place.Like that case, this place I carryInside of me.It's not so very heavy for a stocky child.They said my mama's loose.They said she was wild.Though I never knew or saw that woman sent with me this fatal flaw.My strange and puffy moon-like face,My Orphanage,My hateful place.My stringy hair, my lack of grace,My Orphanage,My hateful place.I could have been lucky like themHappy familiesLook in myDark, rotted heardened heart and you will see:The downcast glance, the empty embraceOf my orphanage,My hateful place.I'm an evil thing.I am way full of somethingThat was left by the side of the road.I am chipped, curly-lipped.Never any kindness was shown.My Orphanage, My Heart.

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