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The End - karaoke text

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What were all those dreams we sharedThose many years ago?What were all those plans we madeNow left beside the road?Behind us in the roadMore than friends I always pledgedCause friends they come and goPeople change as does everythingI wanted to grow oldJust want to grow oldSlide on next to meI’m just a human beingI will take the blameBut just the sameThis is not meYou seeBelieveI’m better than thisDon’t leave me so coldI´m buried beneath the stonesI just want to hold onAnd know I’m worth your loveEnoughI don’t thinkThere’s such a thingIt’s my fault, Now I been caughtA sickness in my bonesHow it pains to leave you hereWith the kids on your ownJust don’t let me goHelp me see myselfCause I can no longer tellLooking out from the inside ofThe bottom of a wellIt’s hellI yellBut no one hearsBefore I disappearWhisper in my earGive me something to echoIn my unknown futures earMy dearThe EndComes nearI’m hereBut not much longer

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