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Is it dark in your room?Wonder if they come tonightSomething's taking out the lightsBetter find a place to hideBefore the sun goes down and it's cold insideI don't really know what's in these wallsSame house but it don't feel rightAnd I'm just holding on aloneWhile I tell myself that it's in my mindI'm spending too much timeLost and I can't find my wayCan you?Is it dark in your room?Are you afraid of it, too?It's haunting us justLiving for tomorrow when it never comesBeing caught up in a permanent insomniaScreaming in silence to anyoneIs it dark in your room?LookTell me was it there last night?Did it leave you paralyzed?Sending shivers down your spineDid you tell yourself that it's in your mind?Can you feel it creeping in your bed?Held down when you try to leaveFear it when you're home aloneWith a world outsideFull of stranger thingsI'm spending too much timeKnowing nothing's Ever what it seems

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