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Drink Before The War - karaoke text

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Well, you tell us that we're wrongAnd you tell us not to sing our songNothing we can say will make you seeYou got a heart of stoneYou can never feelYou say oh I'm not afraid - it can't happen to meI've lived my life as a good manOh, no you're out of your mindIt won't happen to me'Cos I've carried my weightAnd I've been a strong manListen to the man in the liquor storeYelling anybody want a drink before the war?And your parents paid you throughYou got a nice big carNothing bothers youSomebody cut out your eyesYou refuse to seeSomebody cut out your heartYou refuse to feelAnd you live in a shamYou create your own hellYou live in the pastAnd talk about warAnd you dig your own grave yeahBut it's a life you can saveSo stop getting fussedIt's not gonna happenAnd you'll cryBut you'll never fallNo, no, no You're building a wallGotta break it downStart againNo, no, noIt won't happen to usWe've lived our livesBasically we've been good menSo stop talking of warCause you know we've heard it all beforeWhy don't you go out thereAnd do something usefulOh listen to the man in the liquor storeHe yelling anybody wanna drink before the war?Anybody wanna drink before the war?Anybody wanna drink before the war?

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