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Invisible kidNever see what he didGot stuck where he hidFallen through the grid Invisible kidGot a place of his ownWhere he'll never be knownInward he's grown Invisible kidLocked away in his brainFrom the shame and the painWorld down the drain Invisible kidSuspicious of your touchDon't want no crutchBut it's all too much I hide insideI hurt insideI hide inside, but I'll show you... I'm OK, just go awayInto distance let me fadeI'm OK, just go awayI'm OK, please don't stray too far Open your heartI'm beating right hereOpen your mindI'm being right hereOpen your heartI'm beating right hereOpen your mindI'm being right here, right now Ooh, what a good boy you areOut of the way you're kept to yourselfOoh, can't you see that he's not hereHe doesn't want the attention you giveOoh, unplugging from it allInvisible kid floats alone in his roomOoh, what a quiet boy you areHe looks so calm floating 'round and around in himself Vice na

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