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Celebrate Basketball - karaoke text

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From my head to my feetI see the people going crazy on the streetsTonightLet me take you for a holiday, that you won’t forget(for a holiday you will not forget)And if you’re readyFor a foreign affairThe drums are beatingAnd the flags are rising up into the air(Aidi aidi)You don’t miss it boy, if you hate regretsSo Gimme a high fiveFor now is the time to celebrateTime for a gameTime for a fameTime for a marching paradeWe’re kicking a partyAnd I know it’s just gonna be greatTime for a gameTime for a fameTime for a marching paradeJoy paradeI don’t care what your name isI don’t give a damn what your team isLet’s make some noise start shaking the hallCelebrate celebrate basketballWho’s gonna cry about losingRaise your glass it’s time for a bruisingLet’s raise some hell start breaking the wallsCelebrate celebrate all night longHey, can you seeFireworks in the skyHey, do you feelWe beat the drums the flags are flying highI wanna scream from the top of my lungsThat i’ll be thereYes we”ll be there

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