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(Justin:)Who is the master? Who is the slave? (Madonna:)Treat me like a curseThen tell me I'm your saviourI never liked the strangerI used to know so wellWaiting for your answerIs a kind of tortureCould I grow accustomed to this kind of hell? Are you walking the dog, 'cause that dog isn't newAre you out of control, is that dog walking youHaven't you had enough, now your time is upBaby show me your hell Voices start to ring in your headTell me what do they sayDistant echoes from another timeStart to creep in your brainSo you're playing 'round, it's like it's a rewindYou blew it so often that you start to believe itYou have demons so nobody can blame youBut who is the master and who is the slave? First you say you love me

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