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Mosaic - karaoke text

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I am a mosaic That was found at The bottom of your garden I'm just wondering but the crack begin to show Look closely and then you'll know Then you'll know I am a beauty that once was Tell the country nothing something special But never out of your league of Battle with this twice now He came to me said heres how Spoke a single line And we dance in our scene I'll just die in your arms And my life is complete I am a mosaic That was found when you didn't know any better I am broken now And image that is scattered Around and A million ways I, I Didn't have to hurt Fought away this twice And now all we came to reason Spoke a single line We danced in our scene I could just die in your arms and my life is complete Craddled your legs And took to your feet You're the strongest love I ever did meet Spoke a single line While we danced in our scene Just die in your arms and my life is complete

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