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The Somber Lay - karaoke text

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A murky presage roaming the landTo silence the skylarks chantThe somber kiss is at handTo impart the crimson robe Heed the darksome maidDancing across this equinoxTo relegate persistenceAs the bleak darkness grows A cryptal impellent, devoted to the sublime round Beholden for the boons of lightRetreating into quietnessWe harken the somber layWe sing the somber lay Close your eyes and heed and videThen you shall seeThe sphere revolves as it's promised Flames flickering deftlyTo banish the nipping airThe dark time is at handLighted by bardic chant Heed the darksome maidTo enwrap all in bleaknessA dark veil o'silenceAs quiet insight buds Darkness roaming the landLong dead the skylarks chantThe dark vis usurped commandTo impart the sallow robe Sure a new light will comeThe lifewheel is rotating onwardGiven is the promiseThus assertive we wear on Life-given impellent, devoted to the sublime round Vice na

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