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Better Then the Courtroom - karaoke text

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Fronting the order Pacing down the isle I got a conviction I guess I'll be here for a while I'm numbing my feeling I know I'm better in denial I'm crossing out that life exists 'cause i'm a better liar I wish I was special So I could ride above the law This silence is deadly And now I'm starting to withdraw I need some substance To get me out this door It's better than the courtroom It's better than before This is killing me I suffer from a drawn out misery A future that's run out of energy Another day that come undone I will burn for you You were the obsession We're breaking through We're building our agression I can't go on knowing that i'm all alone Knowing that I'm all alone Suddently shaking My blood level's dropping low This room is heavy And there's no future to enroll I envision tomorrow But the pictures all distort I'm counting all these ups and downs that threw us overboard This is the moment Air's fleeing from my lungs Will i get off off lightly Or will i bleed for what i've done? It's a hell of a fever And i'll be better when it's gone

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