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Desire In Violent Overture - karaoke text

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Nights came tralling ghost concertosHeartstrings a score of skeletal reaper bowsPlaying torture chamber music allegrettoConducting over throes trashed to crescendoSkinless the dark shall screamHoarse Her symphoniesDeathmashed as the moonThat had lifted Her dreamsAnd frowned on the winding steps downTo where the vulgar strayedTaunting sick Her tender preyShe glided in Her bridal gownHow sleep the pureDesire in Violent OvertureAn emanation of phantom madnessThe Countess beheld in shroudBy girls bereft of future vowsSoon to wed in white the frosted groundBurning like a brand on the countenance of godA yearning took Her hand to His Seraphim, boundDeep red hissed the cat whipsOn the whim of ill-willWhilst She entranced, nonchalant, ablissFlayed further songs of overkillHow weep the pureDesire in Violent overture Desire in Violent overtureIn a crescent-whime cellar of crushed rosesPooled blood and broken dollsA torchlit shadow theatre souledWith the echoed cries of lives She stoleKilling timeShe struck the hours deadIn Her controlThus menopausedHer clock of hacked out cuntsBegan to tollThirteen chimes of ancient strainI conjure forth with dirgeThat fills the void with timbred painTo fulfil my se.ual urgeFrights came wailing from the DarksideHaunting lipless mouths a fugue of arcane diatribesVelvet, their voices coffined Her in slumberBespattered and appeasedAs pregnant skies outside bore thunderHow sleep the pureDesire in violent overtureAs when high windsAttune whipped treesHer savage nature pitchedWould once again conduct the pleasOf those She loved to agoniesAs if it wereThe first time every nightThat She carved Her sealIn the flesh of life

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