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Call the Ships to Port - karaoke text

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a billion words agothe sailors disappeareda story for the childrento rock them back to sleepa million burning bookslike torches in our handsa fabric of idealsto decorate our homesa thousand generationsthe soil on which we walka mountain of mistakesfor us to climb for pleasurea hundred clocks are tickingthe line becomes a circlespin the wheel of fortuneor learn to navigatea choir full of longingwill call our ships to portthe countless lonely voiceslike whispers in the darka second of reflection cantake you to the moonthe slightest hesitation canbring you down in flamesa single spark of passioncan change a man forevera moment in a lifetimeis all it takes to break hima fraction of a heartbeatmade us what we area brother and a sisterfor better or for worsea billion words agothey sang a song of leavingan echo from the choruswill call them back againa choir full of longing…tonight we light the fireswe call our ships to porttonight we walk on waterand tomorrow we'll be gone

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