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I ain't got no fun todayIt's just like yesterday, oh yeahOnly different shades of greyI'm bored right out of my skullI'd have to get high just to be dullI'm institutionalMy TV screen spins around and aroundAnd around and aroundI need a sideshowSome kinda creepshowThey ran the circus out of townBut the ring master said "Boy, you can stick around"I pay to see all the freaksSome finger lickin' chicken-eating geekHey, that sounds cool to meI just want to step insideI want a scary ride, oh yeahSee Jeckyll turn to HydeI fell my head spinnin' round and aroundAnd around and aroundI need a sideshow, oh yeahSome kinda creepshow, oh yeahI just want someplace to go, oh yeahI tried to be the circus clownBut even my monkey wouldn't hang aroundAnd the hunchback midget and histwisted friendsOffer me a world of thrills that never endI need a sideshowSome kind of freaky show, oh yeahDown where the neon glowsJust like a psychedelic videoOr a 24 hour party, go go goNot a gozio, noI need a sideshowMy private sideshow

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