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What U Wanna Hear (One Direction Parody) - karaoke text

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You´re one of a kind, and totally unique I was just about to call you, When you called me And no, I didn´t notice That girl´s Double D´s You´re the only girl I see I love to watch you shop in Anthropologie And I agree that we should go Completely glutten-free You totally look good In high-waisted jeans I love monogamy I will tell these little lies To keep you around They not true, but to you, oh to you It doen´t matter I´m just telling you What you wanna hear Your breath doesn´t stink When we wake-up in my bed And it´s comfortable to sleep with my arm Trapped beneath your head You´re prettier than your sister and She´s a bitch, you´re right I miss you at poker night You´re better than my ex At giving me a beej But I´d still rather go down on you Than you go down on me My favourite position Is eye contact with you When I watch porn I think of you None of my guy friends and I have ever screwed And you could beat up Any guy here If you wanted to I´m into morning sex, naked texts And splitting the check Baby, your penis size is per-fect We just say these little things To keep each other around Are they true? What is truth? There´s only fights, and not-fights So I´ll keep telling you What you wanna hear

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