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Look at this Instagram - karaoke text

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Look at this Instagram, Eggs benedict, side of ham. Started out as a lemon tart, Then my phone went and Made it art. And these are my fingernails, The beauty is in the details. Drinkin' mai-tais on a cruise, Just a coincidence it's also boobs. Everyone look at my feet, Get jealous that I'm at the beach. You prob'ly knew I was going there, You saw my plane's wing in the air. Are you bored of city lights? Try seein' em' in black and white. Puttin' glasess on the cat, I'm the first one to think of that! Oh,oh,oh, He thinks he's people... Every time I take a photo Of an old door, Every sign out in front Of an abandoned store. It's such a thrill To add a filter... Lo-fi, Lo-fi ... Every time a thing Reminds me of a penis. Every fortune cookie, Fortune that I've ever seen Is on my feed, It's guaranteed with... Five likes, five likes... Five likes.. Look at this coffee foam, Now look at this pretentious tome. Now look at this garden gnome, I'm friggin' Michaelangelo! Fireworks in the sky, A super close-up of my eye. Now a selfie, lookin' cute, In the same room where I poop. Sometimes I just wanna browse, A hundred thousand pics of clouds. Hang on, I need to get this duck, Hold still, goddamn it, fuck! Oh,oh, no... It's all blurry... No you haven't really Ever seen a setting sun, 'Till you've seen it on the screen Where you play Temple Run. I'm so hell-bent on documentin' Peach pie, peach pie... Think it's bad now, Wait until I'm 33. So many pictures of my kids You'll want to murder me. Missed their first steps, 'Cause I'm obsessed with Red-eye, red-eye!

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