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Part Of Your World - karaoke text

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Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?Wouldn't you think I'm the girlThe girl who has everything?Look at this trove, treasures untoldHow many wonders can one cavern hold?Looking around here you'd thinkSure, she's got everythingI've got gadgets and gizmos a plentyI've got whozits and whatzits galoreYou want thingamabobs? I've got 20But who cares? No big deal,I want moreI wanna be where the people areI wanna see wanna see 'em dancingWalking around on thoseWhat do you call 'em? Oh, feetFlipping your fins you don't get too farLegs are required for jumping, dancingStrolling along down aWhat's that word again?StreetUp where they walk, up where they runUp where they stay all day in the sunWandering freeWish I could be, part of that worldWhat would I give if I could liveOut of these waters?What would I pay to spend a dayWarm on the sand?Bet'cha on land, they understandBet they don't reprimand their daughtersBright young women, sick of swimmingReady to standI'm ready to know what the people knowAsk 'em my questionsAnd get some answersWhat's a fire? And why does itWhat's the word?BurnWhen's it my turn?Wouldn't I loveLove to explore that shore up above?Out of the seaWish I could bePart of that world

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