Broken Gravestone - text

Alone in ebony darkness, yet awash in moonlight.
Memories Weigh upon us.
The graveyard now in sigh.

A shriek pierces silence.
An owl in the night.
We spot its grandest majesty,
wings spread to take light.

No more otherwordly noises.
We reach the cemetery in silence.
We look upon the tombs,
and weep at the violence.

We look up at the heavens, we view the bitter snowfall.
Embraced in midnight, our minds may finally withdrawl.

A broken gravestone.
Our hearts in sad rapport, at the broken gravestone,
that has survived centuries before.

Entreat into emptyness.
Our souls it hath captured, pervert into darkness.
Our hearts it hath raptured.

The crunch of fallen autumn leaves;
we now creep into your bed.
The cold of somber winter snows,
at the enraged souls of the dead.

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