A Dreadful Decease - text

There are only orphaned Houses left.
Wait in the Bite of Sickness.
Fear devours the Smell of Death.
And silent Whispers hold the Dust.

Scissors... rammed... Throat.
Gargling... gasping, Blood is spraying

Tearing out the Organs, pulling out the Hearts.
Burn at the Stake, Cannibal.

Scissors... rammed... Throat.
Gargling... gasping, Blood is spraying.
Zombie... Carnivore... Devoured Flesh.
Rotting... Bodies... Rising from Death.

Severed Limbs and mangled Fingers.
This is the Torture it becomes me!
Scratched Eyes, pricked out Organs.
And skewered Guts, it becomes me!

The final Torture.

The final Breath has now been taken.
Slowly your Body turns cold.


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A Dreadful Decease

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