I Believe - text

Now everybody,
Has a right to be living their lives...
Oh but we'd a long, long way long way from paradise.
If there was freedom
Tell me why everybody wants to fight...
Oh 'cause we'd a long,
Long way a long way from paradise.

You might be strong enough,
You might be rich enough,
You might be blind enough:
To push it all outside.

No matter what you do,
It keeps come back
To me and you.

Give a little bit of love
And you get it back,
Give a little bit of pain,
You call it a track.
For every little thing
That you say or do
Give a little bit of love
And it'll come back to you.

You got you reasons,
But are you sure
Their reasons to be right?...
Oh 'cause we'd a long,
Long way a long way from paradise.

We must be strong enough,
We must be brade enough,
We waited long enough
Now it´s time to say goodbye.

We got some rules to band,
To let the lies and truth belong.



I believe in peace and harmony,
You got to believe in love
Before you can be free
So take her hand
Everybody make a friend
I want you to believe in love
Like i believe

Give a little bit of love...love
A little bit of pain...pain
Give a little bit of love...
A little bit of love


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