Back On The Ground - text

Deep breath near lover's body, hold him until the end.
Standing out of the soul.
Should I say, should I stay, should I find
that many things could be blind ?

Falling in love with you gave me neverending feel.
Anything can be true.
On the otherside I found what is real.
Getting so much of love
gave me tear drops in my eyes.
Why I was really fool?
On the otherside love is so cruel.

I hear a melody of drinking love and somebody
stands here near broken hearts,
the story starts again.

Many things, many feels, many doubts I cannot recognize.
Many times many lies around loving romance,
only one chance.
Many doubts, many feels , many lies I cannot recognize.

Falling in love with you gave me neverending feel,
anything can be true,
on the otherside love is in you.

Text přidal Alheiza

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