The Antichrist - text

Above the wailing circumference...
inflections of oblivion unstrained endure.
Shivers asleep exculpate seduction
of Nazarene, chimerical silhouette.

Outside - equation of chrismal synthesis.
Detested fornication lasts nevermore.

Below the fading interference...
reflections of ophidian unfaithful lure.
Servants weep at unblessed liberation
of Antichrist, from eternal oubliette.

Inside - variation of dismal genesis
Inverted ascension lasts forever more

Within subtle martyrdom
indigent beings drown,
leaving reveries
in visional adoration
of solitude.

Behold the still reigning abhorrence...
deflections of salvation unfair conjure.
Harlots creep to witness incarnation
of Hel, finally lifting the veil!

Text přidala Lucipher69

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