We Getting Guap - text

We get guap(1)
We get it(3)

We get money
We get it! (4)

I gotta lot of money you I'm paid nigga fresh fit fresh kicks wit da waves nigga niggaz try to but they can't be so fresh so clean
Like YP bitches know the game they know I splurge a lot drop a few stacks make em drop it like it's hot you know da game pimpin you
Know I be the boss niggas hating when they see how much my jeans cost you can't afford this wit cha pay check I got stacks baby
I anit get paid yet! get cha money up get like me the new label be get like me put the records on it I got my weapon on it (these
Niggas be the steps the way I'm stepping on em)(2)

We get guap(1)
We get it(3)

We get money
We get it! (4)

We get a lotta money
Yea we get a lotta guap
Money on my mind
Yea that's all I think about
Just hit up the bank, brought a couple stacks out
Then I called yo bitch over so I can blow that back out
Then we hit the mall and u know I got to splurgin
Get a lotta cheese and u know ya boy be purgin
I let it all goo
I spend it all on nuurthin... CUZ II CAN GET IT BACK boy u kno I'm gettin stacks
I'm gettin money so much cake
And I'm makin yo bitches hungry
I'm a money makin machine my philosophy is cream
Nigga cash rules everything around me
But this aint wu tang man fuck a dollar dollar bill
I wont stop till I get about a mother fuckin billion
I'm about a gazillion years ahead u niggas
I'm gettin guap gettin gwop is my fetish
And gettin money is the only I'll ever be obsessed wit

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