Graygoose - text

I don't give a fuck, I just don't do
Pill poppin' in the club with my whole crew
Billionaire Boys Club, sweater is brand new
Like everything I do is brand new
Now I'm trippin' on that cash flow
Still the same dude with a nice flow
Flex that ass, shawty drop it real low
Shawty goes to pick up dollars all on the flo'
Lean Doer with these bitches and hoes
I'm a nice guy and it really goes to prove

Now I'm trippin', all I wanna know
Now I'm sippin', Bacardi in the club
Now I'm trippin', like I always do
Up in the club, sippin' Grey Goose
Keep my Polo fitted, now I make noose
Turn up in the club sippin' on that Grey Goose

Got that vodka and that orange juice
Everything I do is to show I'm brand new
I don't give a fuck what you say
Suck my fuckin' dick and who will run this bitch?
Who will? Lean will, Lean will, Lean will, Lean, lean, lean, lean

Now I'm trippin' (brand new)
Now I'm sippin', like I always do
Now I'm trippin', still the same dude

Yeah I got that fashion with Bape shirt
And I'll have ya steam turned up, shawty and panties all free
Now I'm trippin' like I always do
Now I'm sippin', sippin' on Grey Goose
Trippin', I always seem to do
Go up in the club, but nothing's brand new

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