Check Out My Swag (ft. Travis Barker) - text

check out my swag
yeah bitch i got swag
i met a .. body
chicken wing shorty
right to the hood people bring ..
she fall .. couple ..
i am all about it
out of to the mall
piss the niger's face in the drizzle
yeah i am that key getting money for the
it's my name at your mother fucker ease out
real what is real i am mother fucker

you better check out my swag
check out my swag
you better look at my swag
my swag (repeats)

i got a ..tramp from swifts
bitch i am on the hood with my hands on the kids ..
pocket full of spinach .. for me, are you?
..shorty knows what's hanging
i've be international
famous .. i've be into action


i'll show you how to say
hard being all being made
..bitch i got swag .. in front of you


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