Left Floating In The Sea - text

Take my remains
To the ..Atlantic..
Cast me overboard
Into the sea
My presence will
Be no more
But I know I won’t
Be forgotten

Dark clouds gathering
Waves forever crashing
Bolts of lightning
Repeatedly striking
As we sail further
The skies scream murder
Trash bags bound and tied
Thrown and left behind

No one will look for my dismembered body
Drifting about the dark abyss
Come on current
Take me with you
Goodbye to the things that I won’t even miss

Left Floating In…The…Sea!!!
And You Will Find Pieces Of Me!!!
Left Floating In The Sea!!!

Drifting and floating
Lost at sea
Sometimes I wonder
If they’ll remember me

And you will find pieces of me
Left floating in the sea

Text přidala Lucipher69


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Left Floating In The Sea

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