Try to Believe - text

Dear God, I'm down on my knees
Can you hear me, I'm tryin' to believe
Sometimes it all seems so useless to me
Still I try to believe
Touch me, don't let me go
Feel my heart beat, I need to know
Cause I'm holding on, but I want to let go
Still I try to believe - still I try to believe

Life ain't no fairy tale, wishing well
No superman to save the day
We keep holdin' on, trying to be strong
To reach our destiny
The darkest hour's before the dawn
So still, I try to believe

When loves runs to anger and dreams turn to dust
And all that you've got, well it's all just too much
There's a voice deep inside, there's a light there that shines
So still, I try to believe - so still, I try to believe

I'm out here in the dark, standing all alone
But still, I try to believe

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Hellmuth


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