Is It You - text

Here In The Dark
Is No Light At All
No Orientation
No Shadows Fall
Here In The Dark
I Reach Out For You
Sensing Fear
Have I Lost You
Is It You
I See No Way Out
I Just Hear Your Voice
It Seems So Dead
Too Cold For You
Too Cold For You To Be Alive
I Hesitate
To Trust Your Voice
Sounding So Unreal
It Sounds Like If Somebody Forces You
Is It You

My Hand Stretches Out
Now I Feel Your Hand
It Is Motionless
Oh My God It Is Dead
The Light Is On Now
The Devil Jeers At Me
He Drags Your Corpse Across Barbed Hooks
And Takes Away My Souls With Laughter
Is It You

Text přidal KARI

Videa přidala Tirixy

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